Monday, April 19, 2010

After the flood

In late March, localized sections of Rhode Island experienced serious flooding. After just a few days of heavy rain, Cranston and Warwick were hit with historic high waters from the Pawtuxet River which crested at nearly 21 feet, nearly 12 feet above the normal flood line. As a result sewage treatment facilities became inundated, houses were destroyed, parking lots were termporarly turned into ponds and lakes and the Warwick mall, and many other retailers, full of insurance backed merchandise, was left to mold.
The paved streets turned into water thoroughfares, exposing the delicate reliance that automobiles have on the status quo. However, after the streets became filled with calmly flowing water, they became a perfect place to take an alternative mode of transportation. This is me and Andy traversing the city by canoe, have a totally new spatial experience.


  1. Oh my, Case! That´s amazing. You rowing through JCPenney, was it?...

    Thanks for posting. Would love to hear the full story soon.

  2. Yes, JCPenny. Notice the high water mark on all of the clothes.