Tuesday, July 14, 2009

the end of the beginning

Below are a few of the images depicting the last round of representation I was able achieved while in Korea. A few days before leaving, I was asked to produce a site plan that had 3 factories, an office building and an R and D buildings. I had previously been working toward a plan that included 2 factories and the office head quarters. Because the land is being leased by the city, and plots are becoming more and more scarce, Invicx needed/needs to show that they are going to be using the 11 acres efficiently and economically.
Prior to the addition of one more factory and the R and D building, there was a lot of open space, which I thought to be a major advantage. So basically, we giving the city a proposal for what the site may look like far into the future, but as far as the near futures is concerned, there should still be ample space to breath. ( that assuming there will be anything built at all in the near future)
So, while the reason for adding two more buildings is reasonable, they late notice was trouble some, and the rest of the design is probably suffering because of it.
I may have a chance to continue to develop these plans thoughout the summer....