Thursday, June 18, 2009

the beginning of buildings

The site is located is a small, but growing industrial
complex on the northern edge of Gwangju.

The initial conceptual mock-ups. Undoubtedly many
changes in ensue, but the basic idea is present.

move below, ascend up into the belly of the beast.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Many different bowls of fermented
or sauce soaked vegetables and lit-
tle fishes. Large bowls of noodles
with chucks of beef still attched to
the bone.

The roof garden that tops of our of-
fice building. There are a suprising
amount of roof gardens on the buil-
ings here, and the city seems to be
farely conscious of maintaining gre-
en space in the midths of what see-
ms to be on going rapid infill. The
city of Gwangju is apparently mar-
keting itself as a cultural hub and
in thus attempting to build a " Cultural Economy"
as well as be a sort of Asian Silicon

35.12 degrees N, 126.8 degrees E

Somehow, Casey is now in Gwangju. Working on the top floor of a 14th story office building in S. Korea. Here with an interdisciplinary group of 10 of my fellow students ( some have graduated), we are working for a start-up electronics company called Invicx. We have more than doubled their staff upon landing, and have more or less taken over their office.
The first 9 are working on various projects, ranging from the housing for an stereo amp with surprisingly progressive technology to a electronic language teaching device. The 10th, myself, is designing 3 bu
ildings for a 11 acre blank slate site located in a generic industrial complex. One office building, one temporary factory and one permanent factory.